Political crisis in Rajasthan: Priyanka Gandhi may meet Sachin Pilot

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File Photo -Sachin Pilot

The political turmoil of the Rajasthan Congress has now reached the Delhi Durbar. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, Priyanka Gandhi herself has taken the lead.

The Congress party is troubled by its internal strife. As soon as the rebellion in Punjab subsided, now the political earthquake of Rajasthan has created an uproar. Now Priyanka Gandhi herself has taken the front to end the uprising of Rajasthan.

The Sachin Pilot camp is accusing the current CM Ashok Gehlot of phone tapping. Pro-Pilot MLA Ved Prakash Solanki has claimed that the phones of many MLAs of the state are being tapped.

The pro-Pilot MLAs also remind the high command of the promise made 11 months ago and demanding that it be fulfilled. And want to hold their own through cabinet expansion. The riot of Rajasthan reached Delhi is now on the doorstep of the Gandhi family.

The Congress, which has suffered two significant setbacks in Scindia and Jitin, is now trying its best to save Sachin Pilot. But the pilots are also in the mood for crosses now.

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