PUBG New State’s map and game-play revealed, know when it will be launched

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Information about the Troy map and location of PUBG New State’s has been revealed. Gaming company Krafton has also shared the game’s tips and tricks with its social media handle about the exclusive map location of this game.

PUBG New State can be launched in the second half of the year. This game is based on Futuristic gameplay.

Game director Brian Corrigan has released a video showing the Troy map of PUBG Mobile. Information about gameplay has also been shared in this video. Briar Corrigan has also shared the game’s exclusive map location in his video.


An exhibit hall is shown at the beginning of the PUBG New State map Troy. The first stop on the map will be in this hall, which will be in the middle of Troy. It must have been a kind of bull eye, as Brian does in the shared video. From here players will be able to use different types of play styles.

After the exhibit hall in Troy, the next location is that of the mall, which will get the same dynamic as the exhibit hall. It will get an open roof and space, which can be used by the players while playing the game.

Each store in the mall has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The type of competition will be, so will the gameplay. The player has to kill indoor enemies to survive in the game.

Honeycomb architecture and bulletproof glass will be found on the lower level of the mall, which will give the player an angle to eat chicken dinner. Players will be able to create strategies in the game using escalators and other elements.

A lab’s view will be found in the third location of the map. It has four floors in which corridor warfare and close encounters will be seen. The lap will get bulletproof glasses in the central area, which will keep the player safe.

The fourth and last location on the map is a trailer park. Many bunkers and bullets will be found in this trailer park. In this, the player has to do close combat by crawling and defending himself.

game mode

PUBG New State will support both TPP and FPP modes. The South Korean gaming company had recently revealed this in response to an FAQ.

This game will soon be made available for alpha testing for US users. However, the developer has teased a picture, which states that the actual gameplay experience may be different. Krafton may share more new information about this game’s map Troy in the coming days

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