2 Movie Download Sites For Free And Legal Streaming In 2021

2 Movie Download Sites For Free And Legal Streaming In 2021

2 Movie Download Sites : When first ever motion picture release in 1888, no one thinks that someday cinema will be the part of our life.Around 120 years theatres are the main source of cinema but now a days it shifts to internet and now we can enjoy the magical experience of cinema in our home with our whole family.

There are many legal sources that provide free movies and tv.In this article we tell you about some of these websites.

 Free movie streaming Websites


1.The internet Archive
The internet archive lets you access blocked websites,open offline websites. About few years ago, The internet archive provided direct links but mostly the movie downloads failed due to their large file sizes but thanks to the torrent links as you can easily enjoy and downloads many movies free.

This website is growing rapidly and new content is added everyday.
This website also creates a free virtual library card which allows you to the forums, bookmark contents and the ability to upload videos etc.

It has the large directory of movies to downloads with many genres.Torrent downloads on some movies and downloads available across the world.

 2.You Tube

Today You tube is the biggest source of online videos. We can rent new movies on you tube apart from that it offers more than 350 movies for free.
You tube also have a live TV streaming service.

It is a perfectly free movie streaming site for those who can’t afford premium ott’s like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.