Severe attack of Corona on children in Dungarpur, Rajasthan

The whole Nation is facing an unprecedented situation and is in dire need of help due to Corona. Second wave of Corona has forced people to live under the shadow of fear.

Risk of Corona increased in children :

The whole Country is in chaos because of the Third Wave of Corona, because it’s being feared that the third wave will attack on Children. The Second Wave has not yet been controlled and signs of the third wave are already visible. Within the last 10 days, 300+ such cases have been found in Dungarpur (Raj.) who are less than 18 yr in age.

Under these circumstances the increase of number of such cases has lead to the fear of beginning of Third Wave.

In 2020 the First Wave affected mostly Senior Citizens and 50+ people. Whereas in 2021 the Second Wave affected people mostly belonging to the age-group of 31-50 yr.

Preparations need one month :

That’s why the government and experts have warned that the third wave might infect children.

Significantly 315 cases reported in Dungarpur district in the last 10 days were under 18yr age-group. Are these signs of upcoming Third Wave of Corona ? In view of the onset of the Third Wave of Corona, Administration and the Health-Department have started preparing for it. Although it would require atleast one months time.

Paediatric medicines, Ventilators and other resources aren’t yet available, so everyone needs to be alert.

: Although Dungarpur CMHO Dr.Rajesh Sharma has clarified that the infected kids don’t have any serious symptoms,so they don’t need hospitalization and are home isolated.Medical teams are visiting those kids on regular basis for and collecting feedback

चेतन ठठेरा ,94141-11350 पत्रकारिता- सन 1989 से दैनिक नवज्योति - 17 साल तक ब्यूरो चीफ ( भीलवाड़ा और चित्तौड़गढ़) , ई टी राजस्थान, मेवाड टाइम्स ( सम्पादक),, बाजार टाइम्स ( ब्यूरो चीफ), प्रवासी संदेश मुबंई( ब्यूरी चीफ भीलवाड़ा),चीफ एटिडर, नामदेव डाॅट काम एवं कई मैग्जीन तथा प समाचार पत्रो मे खबरे प्रकाशित होती है .चेतन ठठेरा,सी ई ओ, दैनिक रिपोर्टर्स.कॉम