Child bride married at 7 years, now after 12 years Saarthi Trust freed her from the exile of child marriage

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Child marriage annulled in Bhilwara with the help of Dr. Kriti of Saarthi Trust of Jodhpur, the family court pronounces a historic verdict to annul the child marriage, Girl was tied in the knot of child marriage at the age of just 7 Bhilwara.

Married at the age of just seven years old, now 19-year-old Balika Vadhu of Bhilwara district, Mansi finally got freedom from the exile of child marriage after 12 years with the support of Dr. Kriti Bharti, Managing Trustee and Rehabilitation Psychologist of Saarthi Trust of Jodhpur. The Child bride Mansi, with the help of Saarthi Trust, had knocked in the family court in Bhilwara and pleaded for annulment of her child marriage.

On which Family Court Judge Harivallabh Khatri showed sensitivity and gave a strong message against child marriage by pronouncing a historic verdict of annulment of Mansi’s child marriage.

Married at the tender age of Seven:
The pioneer of child marriage annulment drive in the country and included into the list of World Top Ten activists and BBC 100 inspirational women Dr. Kriti Bharti, Rehabilitation Psychologist and Managing Trustee of Saarthi Trust, Jodhpur and famous for getting 43 child marriages canceled so far, told that nineteen-year-old Mansi, originally resident of Paldi in Bhilwara district was married at the age of just seven years in 2009 to the groom resident of Baneda Tehsil.

For about 12 years she suffered the brunt of child marriage. During this, pressure was constantly being made from the caste panches and others to get the Gauna done. There were also many threats.

Knock in the court with the help of Saarthi Trust:

Meanwhile, Mansi, after getting information about Dr. Kriti Bharti’s campaign to annul child marriage, contacted her for annulment of child marriage.

Dr. Kriti came to Bhilwara from Jodhpur and filed a case of Mansi’s child marriage annulment into the family court in March this year.

Freedom from the exile of child marriage:

Dr. Kriti Bharti appeared along with Mansi in the family court of Bhilwara, and made the court aware of the facts related to child marriage. After which the Judge of the Family Court, Harivallabh Khatri, delivered a historic verdict annulling the child marriage of Child bride Mansi which was solemnized 12 years ago, at the tender age of just seven.

Due to which Mansi got freedom from the exile of child marriage. Judge Khatri, while giving a strong message to the society against child marriage, said that the bondage of child marriage spoils both the present and future of the innocent children.

On the other hand, Judge Khatri appreciated the courageous campaign of Dr. Kriti Bharti of Saarthi Trust of annulling the child marriage of victims.

Leading in child marriage annulment
It is worth mentioning that Dr. Kriti Bharti of Saarthi Trust had annulled the first child marriage of the country. The Saarthi Trust has so far annulled 43 pairs of child marriages.

At the same time there are more than 1500 child marriage stops. In 2015, Dr. Kriti Bharti campaign of child marriage annulment has been recorded into several World Records.

CBSE also included Saarthi’s campaign in the Class 11 syllabus. Dr. Kriti Bharti has been included into the World Top Ten Activist List of Taffd Magazine, List of 100 Influential Women of BBC, Marwar and Mewar Ratna and other national and international honors for saving the children and women from exploitation.

Now I’ll fly the future:

With the help of Dr. Kriti Bharti Didi, I have got freedom from the exile of child marriage. I am studying in second year BA, now I want to study further and become a teacher.

Mansi- Child Marriage Survivor

Family Court Bhilwara gave a historic verdict to annul Mansi’s child marriage. Honourable Judge Harivallabh Khatri Sir showed sensitivity on the issue of child marriage and annulled the child marriage. We are now striving for the best rehabilitation of Balika Vadhu Mansi.

Dr. Kriti Bharti-Rehabilitation Psychologist, Managing Trustee, Saarthi Trust, Jodhpur.

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