What is creativity for you?

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When it comes to creativity, first of all, many colors and such artists come to our mind (mostly people) who do work related to color. Designers also come, artists also come in our mind who are associated with some art or the other. But it is creative too;

that changes the flavor of everyday like-tasting tea

Improve the map of the house by moving the household items here and there without spending

change the judgment of a very tough minded person

change one’s perspective

draw some good conclusion by adding two or three points

make someone crying laugh at times

Uncommonly save goods while working

Put a big problem on paper from your mind (Mind Mapping)

find an opportunity

turn someone’s curiosity into reality

What is the difference between ‘Imagination’ and ‘Creativity’?

There is a difference of “visible results”.

One who has good imagination is not necessarily creative. Creativity for me is being able to think out of the box and turn it into reality.

Can Technology Increase Creativity?

Yes, it can be increased.

Many people especially parents do not think in this direction that children are very creative but we suppress their creativity in trying to mold them in a social mould. If we want, the childhood creativity of the children can remain, a little effort will have to be made. I will write again on the topic “Children’s Creativity”. Technically, there are a few things to do to increase creativity, the most important being “focusing” and “keep experimenting”.

I keep my creativity going in some easy ways.

I like to work 5 days a week in a field unrelated to the field I am working in, at the end of the week. Like I make mandala.

I take hold of any corner of the house and clean it.

I cook some new dishes.

Small or big I try to drive away a fear like I do not eat citrus fruits, so today I ate 4-5 plums 🙂

I set work limits.

I spend time with a small child.

Allow myself to be proved wrong.

I keep doing small experiments.

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