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WagonR new generation to launch in December – updated design, better performance.

WagonR: The Japanese version of the WagonR is quite different from the Indian WagonR in terms of design, aesthetics, and features.

The WagonR is currently in its sixth generation in the Japanese market. It is one of the best-selling Kei cars in Japan since 2003. The sixth-gen WagonR was launched in Japan in 2017. Now it seems like a good time to introduce the new-gen version, which is expected to debut later this year in December.

7th-Gen WagonR Major Updates
Major changes have been made to the exterior of the new generation WagonR. The front fascia now has a more curvy profile, which should translate into better aerodynamics.

It also ensures an attractive look and feels to the car. With this change, the boxy look of the WagonR has been lightened up, which looks more acceptable to the eyes. Most of the components have been refreshed including the bonnet, front grille, headlamps, and air dam.

The side profile looks familiar, but it gets new square grooves on the wheels. The door panels look flat and do not have the prominent character line that can be seen on the current model. The new WagonR gets a new set of alloy wheels. At the rear, there are new taillights in the hatch.

.Suzuki is likely to introduce some new color options for the new generation of WagonR. In its current form, the WagonR is offered in several bright color options such as Active Yellow, Phoenix Red Pearl, Bliss Blue Metallic, Urban Brown Pearl Metallic, Blueish Black Pearl, and Moonlight Violet Pearl Metallic. These color options are quite different from the options available for the India-spec Maruti WagonR.

While the exact details are not available at the moment, the interiors will likely be updated as well. For the current model, users have the option to choose between a black or beige color theme. The WagonR comes with adjustable seats that can be collapsed to fit a variety of accessories and equipment. Multiple utility spaces are provided such as an umbrella holder, door pocket, shopping hook, and passenger seat under the box.

New-Gen WagonR Engine & Specs
The seventh-generation WagonR will use the R06D in-line 3-cylinder motor. It will be equipped with new Technologies like cooled EGR and rapid combustion. The mild-hybrid variant of the WagonR will also be improved. In its current form, the WagonR is powered by a 658 cc R06D DOHC motor. Transmission options include a 5-speed manual and CVT.

The new WagonR will continue to use the lightweight HEARTECT platform. However, it will include many new improvements and refinements. With the updated HEARTECT, users can expect better driving dynamics and handling.

.Some .w safety and security features can also be found in the 7th-gen WagonR. It is already equipped with a range of driver assistance features such as rear false start suppression, brake support while reversing, and a collision avoidance e system.

Other safety fe. res include lane departure warning system, stagger warning function, high beam assist, 360 camera, heads-up display, emergency stop signal, hill hold control, ESP and SRS airbags..,

Sameer Ur Rehman
Editor - Dainik Reporters http://www.dainikreporters.com/
Editor - Dainik Reporters http://www.dainikreporters.com/

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