How much does youtube pay for how many views?

I am a Youtuber, and I have good knowledge about youtube.
Friends, your likes on YouTube videos do not give us money; the work of likes promotes the video, which means if your video is getting more likes, then it means more people are likely to see your video.

And if the likes are coming, then understand that people are not going to see your video. Now let me tell you what youtube pays for and how it gives money and how much money it gives.

1 YouTube gives us the money for video views, how much video is being watched, you will know that if we play a video, then the ad comes, and when we speak it.
Yes, that ad only gives us money, if we put that kind of aids on our videos, then if your ad is seen entirely, then you will get more money,

and if it is spoken, then you will get a little less money, by the way, 1 $ of 1000 views was given. It is not fixed if your video is getting outside opinions. From India Outside, you will get more money on your 1000 views.

Money YouTube keeps 45% of our earned money with itself and gives the rest to us. That is, it provides 65% to us.

Now this question must have come to your mind that YouTube holds 45% with itself, so the answer is that it allows us to upload it again, and we upload unlimited data online.

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