How Aman Gupta’s marketing strategy turned Boat into 1500 crore company

Sameer Ur Rehman
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Boat is one the most incredible brand in the indian start-ups and the most astonishing thing about this company is that within just 5 years, they have achieved such a strong position in market .

How Aman Gupta's marketing strategy turned Boat into 1500 crore company
If you look at the TWS ( true wireless stereo market ) as of q3 of 2021 , while –
Bolts stands at 5.3% , Noise at 7.7% ,Realme at 8.1% , Boat stand a way ahead with a market share of 35.8% .

Boat revenue crossed over 1500 crore in FY21; where only 14 crore was spent on salary , boat has increased profit by 61% to 78.6 crore INR in FY21. From 2017-18 onwards many-many companies started jumping to hearables market , but boat had become far more popular than these companies because boat had roped in hardik pandya in 2018 and this is when , the power of celebrity endorsement
comes in as a result , in the 2000-5000Rs range boat Become far more familiar than it’s competitors.

How Aman Gupta's marketing strategy turned Boat into 1500 crore company
Just to give idea how powerful it is here’s some simple maths , merely because of celebrity endorsement if Boat is able to charge an avg premium of just 200 rupees extra per product here’s what is it’s looks like – 16.6 milion TWS shipped in 2021 in India boat = 35.8% market shares
total shipments by boat = 59,00,000 units
assuming = 200 Rs avg premium / unit
extra revenue = 200*59,00,000 = 118 crore
profit = 78.6 crore INR

After hardik pandya they also roped in rishabpanth , shikhar dhavan , in 2019 followed by nehakakkar , kiara advani and kartik aryan . today , at the entry in the earphones market boat is still priced at bare minimum of 299 rupees .
This is how by building a quality product , by choosing right time to enter the market , by standing out of the competetion through lifestyle marketing and through strategic collaborations , Aman Gupta and Team have turned boat into a
market leader in the hearable segment of Indian market.

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