Why so much grudge against Infosys?


In the cover story of Panchjanya magazine, anger was raised on Infosys, simply because why the mess of the Income Tax Department’s portal is not being fixed in time? What is the relation of Income Tax Department with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh? Panchjanya, which was declared a newspaper with the ideology of the Sangh, has now transformed into a magazine.


The voice out of that Panchjanya came out that Infosys, who is in alliance with the anti-nationals, is a helper of the tukde tukde gang. When the voices of protest intensified, the spokesperson of the Sangh shrugged off saying that these are the author’s own views. The union has nothing to do with it.

Does the person who published this article in the magazine as a cover story, who wrote it, have nothing to do with the ideology of the Sangh?

In fact, this is a sign of a dire situation. How the country can be taken over, it was well understood by those running the government after demonetisation. Only those who are with the government should have the right on property and income. Those who are not with the government, they are anti-nationals, leftists, tukde-tukde gangs, supporters of Pakistan, etc.

The terminology that has been going on for the last five to six years and the way many intellectual elders have been imprisoned on the basis of ideology, is it in line with the dignity of Indian democracy?

Everyone is seeing that every adult of the country has been entangled in a mobile phone in a conspiratorial manner for the last two-three years. Even the transaction of money has started from the mobile key button.

One who does not have a mobile, is not a human. It is necessary to hold the app in the mobile hand and whatever the Prime Minister and the government tell in it, otherwise it is not worthy to be called a human. Do everything online.

And unfortunately the ideology on which the RSS inspired Modi government is working is completely confused about the condition of the country. He just has an inconvenient, but rather terrifying agenda. He is not worried about the condition of the country. People’s currency was snatched during the tenure of Modi government. Now in the second term, the Modi government, riding on the chariot of inflation, has come out to aggressively sell the country’s assets.

Panchjanya’s article is not accidental. There will be many such financial transactions behind this, which will be getting stuck. This is just speculation, which could be wrong. But when the sale of government properties is going on, if the deals get stuck due to online portals, then who will lose it? Infosys is a well known internationally recognized company, which has grown on its own and has nothing to do with politics.

What is it trying to prove by calling such a proud company the helper of tukde tukde gang?

Anyway, the workload of departments like Income Tax Department, Enforcement Directorate, CBI etc. has increased a lot these days. The entire politics of BJP has come on the shoulders of Income Tax officials, Enforcement Directors and officers of investigating agencies.

At this time the country has reached a situation that the creativity of the new generation is dying out, the condition of the youth is deteriorating, the life of married people is tense and there is no one to look after the movements of the elderly.

Double agendas are being implemented on a fairy population. People are getting crushed between two gates.

One agenda is of international institutions and the other agenda is to implement the ideology of the union. Is there anyone between these two agendas to talk about the agenda of Indian democracy