Threat to national security? What’s so in the US report on UFOs

This is the challenge of these two Verses. We have to separate fact and fiction by driving information. There is a difference between honest concerns and mass hysteria. Why are we giving this disclaimer? Because today we are going to talk about UFOs. UFO, i.e., Unidentified Flying Object. Many of us also call it a …

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June 19, 2021 12:19 pm

This is the challenge of these two Verses. We have to separate fact and fiction by driving information. There is a difference between honest concerns and mass hysteria. Why are we giving this disclaimer? Because today we are going to talk about UFOs. UFO, i.e., Unidentified Flying Object. Many of us also call it a flying saucer.

Do UFOs Really Exist? are dangerous? Do they threaten national security? Or is the talk about UFOs just gossip and misconception? Is there nothing real and severe in this heap of fantasy
In the next few days, we are going to get some factual information related to these questions. The US Defense Ministry is about to release a report on UFOs. Two days ago, on June 16, some US Defense and Intelligence Department officials briefed some lawmakers on this report.

After this briefing, the statement of some MPs also came. He says that what he has come to know about this Pentagon report is very disturbing. An MP said something is happening on the front of the UFO, which is currently impossible to handle. What is this whole matter, tell in detail.

It was 74 years ago from today. The year was 1947. The date was June 24. There is a mountain of volcanoes in Washington State. The name is Mount Rainier. A Colair A-2 aircraft was flying in the sky some distance away.

Its pilot was Kenneth Arnold. It was around 3 p.m. While passing the plane, Arnold Brother saw a bright, bright light in the middle of the sky. As if a very colorful piece of light had hit a mirror and dazzled the eye.

Arnold did not understand where the light came from. A few seconds passed when Arnold saw more similar flashes from his left. If he looked, he found that some things are flying in the sky near Mount Rainier. Counting count, nine. Nine objects were flying in the sky in a series of formations.

That bright light was coming from those flying things. According to Arnold, she was flying three times faster than the speed of sound.

Arnold did not find those planes. Because the bodies of those flying objects were not like planes, his shape was like a boomerang. Boomerang knows no. Sometimes there is a crooked piece of wood in the form of a bow. Throw it right, and then it comes back to you. Seeing the movement of those flying things, Arnold felt as if saucers were flying in the sky. Arnold told people about this episode. The word spread. The media also got the news. Two days after this incident, on June 26, 1947, a newspaper named ‘Chicago Sun’ published a report on it. That’s where the term flying saucers came from, which was translated in Hindi by us – flying saucer.

It is believed that with Arnold’s claim, this modern period of seeing alien objects began. After this, there was a flood of such cases. By the end of the year 1947, more than 800 such cases were reported in America alone.

Is this possible? Only astronomers and scientists could give a concrete answer to this question. What did they say? The overall opinion of the scientific community was that the talk of flying saucers is baseless. Nothing like that. Why? Because according to him, nothing like this can happen. It was said that sometimes seeing the clouds, sometimes seeing the weather balloon, and sometimes due to such a misconception, people must have realized the UFO.

When UFO sightings started increasing, then reasons like imagination, mass hysteria, hypnosis, interest in conspiracy theory, desire to be popular were also counted.

Is this the opinion of scientists? Now let’s talk about governments? Did he reject it too? Now note one thing here. This is the era when the cold war had started. Both the Soviet and American factions wanted to outdo each other in weapons and technology.

There was also a challenge in front of both of them to secure their territories. Both were afraid that someone in front would infiltrate their area and do some trickery or bullying. In such a situation, when the news of sightings of strange things flying in the sky increased, no side could ignore it. America thinks, has the Soviet-made some very advanced aircraft? The Soviets would have had the same suspicion of America.

In September 1947, three months after Arnold’s claim, this discussion escalated to such an extent that even the inside of the US Air Force started talking.

Then there was an officer in the US Air Force, Lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining. In September 1947, he sent a memo to the Commanding General of the Armed Forces. It was written in it that this discussion of seeing mysterious things in the sky is not fiction; it is true. It was further said in the memo that some enemy countries may have developed some incredible aircraft technology. A technology that we cannot even imagine at the moment.

After this, America started a secret program. Its name was – Project Sign. Its purpose was to investigate reports of flying saucers being sighted.
The officials of this project were not unanimous about the subject. Some thought it is possible that the flying saucers belonged to aliens. At the same time, some thought that all this was the result of a misunderstanding.

They were now coming to the year of 1948. A year later, another big news came to the Arnold episode. This is on July 24, 1948. The weather was clear. A DC-3 aircraft of Eastern Airlines of America was flying at an altitude of about 5,000 feet. It will be around quarter to three in the morning. Suddenly, pilot Clarence Chills and co-pilot John Witted saw a considerable object flying in their southwest direction.
The shape of that object was like a cigar. It did not have wings like any ordinary aircraft.

The bright light was coming out from behind that object. A blue glow was emerging in his lower part. That object came close to the DC-3 aircraft flying at fantastic speed. So close that the two pilots noticed that the flying object had two rows of windows. As if there must have been two floors inside that object. Inside those windows, there was a lot of bright light in the interior of that object.

The object was moving towards the DC-3 plane when suddenly it took an unbelievable turn and got lost. Both of those pilots did not see this incident. There were a total of 20 passengers on the plane at that time. Nineteen of them were asleep. A passenger named Clarence McClive was awake. He also said the same thing that both the pilots of the plane had said. The pilot also saw the flying object from another aircraft passing by.

Some people on the ground were also eyewitnesses of this sighting. During interrogation, all of them said more or less the same things.

This was the first time anyone had seen those unknown flying objects so closely. There was an outcry over this incident. On July 25, 1948, the newspaper ‘The Atlanta Constitution’ gave its headline to its news published on this episode-

We told you about the ‘Project Sign’ formed in 1947. His investigators also investigated this episode. He filed the details of his findings. The name of this top-secret memo was Estimate of the Situation. What was in it? In this, the concept of flying objects coming from another planet was talked about.

Even after this, claims of seeing flying objects continued to come up regularly. But most of the claims were unconfirmed. But in July 1952, such an incident happened, which was seen by many, which was impossible to deny. This is the matter of July 22, 1952. This day a piece of news was published in the ‘New York Times.’ Its heading was-

The entry of those strange flying things into the White House air space was a serious incident. But the army did not want to give public attention to this issue. He downplayed it initially. But due to public pressure, he had to come forward to answer. Then the US Air Force’s Director of Intelligence was Major General John Samford. He held a big press conference. In this, he said-

The answer is yes. In 1953, the American intelligence agency CIA formed a special committee of experts to deal with this issue. The head of this committee was physicist Howard P. Robertson. In his name, this committee was called the ‘Robertson Panel.’

The work of this committee was not easy. They wanted the national security threats associated with unidentified flying objects to be dealt with seriously. For this, it was necessary to separate fact and rumor.

But there was a big problem here. There was a flood of claims of having seen a flying saucer. Not all the claims were valid. It was a very mountainous task to investigate every claim.

There was an apprehension that while groping the sea of ​​rumors, the actual facts might remain unseen. For this, an attempt was made to divert the public’s attention from the rumors and conspiracy theories related to flying saucers.

The help of media and government propaganda machinery was taken in this work. Due to this campaign, a unique program was broadcast on the CBS channel in 1966. Its name was UFO: Friend, Foe or Fantasy? It was told that UFOs are fiction, not truth.

While the concept of UFO was publicly discouraged, the military within was quite concerned about it. Reports of UFO sightings were being recorded.

This was happening under ‘Project Blue Book.’ About 90 percent of the claims of UFO sightings recorded in this were found to be rumors or misconceptions. Many people had seen America’s secret aircraft, for example, the U-2 spy plane and the SR-71 Blackbird, and mistook them as UFOs. But there were at least 5% of the claims that remained unresolved. They could neither be called a rumor, nor a misunderstanding. He was simply beyond comprehension.

No matter how much the government and the army were trying, the mass hysteria related to UFO did not take its name to stop. For those who believe in UFOs, a different term has run out. He came to be called ‘Eupholzist.’ These people make one sensational claim each. For example, the Roswell Incident.

Kennedy later became the president. He reportedly had an affair with actress Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn died untimely. The reason was a drug overdose. But the Upholzists do not believe this.

According to him, Candy told Marilyn the secret of the Roswell Incident. That’s why Marilyn had to lose her life. They were removed from the road so that this secret would never leak.

There are endless rumors like this. The UFO has become a cheap affair due to slick gossip and conspiracy theories. Those who talked about it became the object of ridicule. Such an atmosphere was created that there was no scope to speak seriously on UFO. People think, if we talk about it, then our credibility will end. There is a particular category of people. People who are mind-boggling at Area 51. It is said that the moon landing was fake. UFO has become a characteristic of this fraternity

Because the US Defense Ministry will bring a report on it, there is a lot of curiosity among the people on this report of the Pentagon. What is unique about this report? It is essential to address it.

They were talking down. Because it is a taboo topic, talking about it seriously is a big challenge. But if experts are to be believed, then a challenge is also the concerns related to national security. This is the reason why it cannot be ignored.

But the US administration discouraged the issue for decades. So why is there a need to bring a report on it now? The reason for this is some significant events that happened in the past years. The first of these will mention an incident in 2004. The US Navy has a group – the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group. It’s November 2004. The training program of this group was going on.

Meanwhile, the Advanced Spy-1 radar aboard a Navy ship, USS Princeton, noticed a strange presence. According to the logging of the radar, some unknown objects were present in the sky at an altitude of about 80 thousand feet. The company of some such things was also read on the surface of the ocean.

After noticing this presence for about a week, the Navy sent one of its capable commanding officers for inspection. He took off in an F-18 fighter jet. On reaching the radar location, the officer saw something, which is churning the ocean’s surface very fast. An oval object of white color, about 40 feet long, is hovering above it.

That object was bouncing as if a ball was bouncing. That object did not have wings. I could not even understand how he was flying. Two more Navy pilots sent to the spot confirmed the incident. When these people tried to chase that object, it disappeared at a very high speed. This incident is popularly known as the ‘Nimitz Encounter.’ A one-minute, 16-second video clip related to this was also leaked on the Internet.

Many such credible incidents were reported from 2018 to 2020. Photos and videos related to some of these incidents were also leaked on the Internet. The US Defense Department also accepted its veracity. In the wake of similar incidents, the Defense Department felt the need to conduct a detailed investigation into these matters.

That is why in August 2020, the then Deputy Defense Secretary David Norquist announced the formation of a task force. Its purpose was to investigate cases related to UFOs. The Defense Department uses the term UAP for UFO. UAP Mane, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Because of growing concerns, US lawmakers passed a law in 2020. Under this, the Pentagon and the Intelligence Department were directed to provide details of encounters with UFOs. Such information, which was kept secret till now, should be presented to the MPs.

The result of these developments is the Pentagon report, which will be presented before the Congress by June 25. Even before the arrival of this report, news related to it has started coming. What is discovered? According to media reports, intelligence officers have not found any evidence of these UFOs having connections with aliens.

But he could not even solve this puzzle. They could not know what these mysterious flying things are? What is their technology? According to the news, the fear that these strange things may be related to aliens has not been ruled out.

Two days ago, that is, on June 16, another thing happened. This day the Navy and Intelligence Department gave a briefing related to the Pentagon report in front of the House Intelligence Committee of Parliament. Some of the MPs involved in this briefing also stated on this. One of these is Tim Barshat. He said that the information given in the briefing is disturbing.

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