US troops to continue to stay in Afghanistan, a big statement by US President Joe Biden,.. know the reason behind this statement.

Sameer Ur Rehman
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US troops can remain stationed in Afghanistan even after America’s deadline ends in August. On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden said that we are committed to the safe return of all Americans from Afghanistan. He said that if American troops had to be kept there even after the deadline on August 31, that would be done.

In an interview given to a news agency, he said that whatever force America has to be used to get the Americans, Afghan friends out of Afghanistan safely. When asked how the administration would bring the Americans back from Afghanistan after August 31 on this, he said that as long as the American people are present there, the deployment of the US Army will continue. The army will be there until every American comes from there.


Let us inform that after the occupation of the Taliban, there are currently about 15,000 Americans present in AfghanistanDefense Secretary Lloyd Austin said earlier on Wednesday that the US military will have more options to expand its current mission in Afghanistan, from securing Kabul airport to gathering and evacuating Americans and at-risk Afghans elsewhere in the capital.

There is no force for Austin to say that we are not in the position that we had imagined in terms of bringing people back from Afghanistan.

Let us tell you that after Biden’s deadline, the question of people trying to leave Afghanistan has arisen in such a way that the Taliban have stopped some people from going to some checkpoints.

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