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BS Yediyurappa is an Indian politician who belongs to the BJP party and looks after his party’s work in Karnataka. For the assembly elections to be held in this state this year, the BJP party had declared him as its chief ministerial candidate, and the BJP party has now won these elections. After which, once again, he has become the Chief Minister of Karnataka state. Know the list of Chief Ministers of other states of India.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

Biography of BS yediyurappa

Full Name Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yediyurappa

Place of Birth Mandya, Karnataka

Date of Birth 27 February 1943

age 75 years

Profession Indian politician, Former Chief Minister of Karnataka

Father’s Name Siddalingappa

Mother’s Name Puttayamma

Cast [Caste] Lingayats

Wife’s Name Maitradevi

total children two boys, three girls

Weight 72 kg

Length 5’6

BS Yediyurappa Born (Birth Details)

BS Yediyurappa was born in 1943 in a small village in the state of Karnataka. The name of the village where he was born in Mandya district is Bukanakere, and his early life was spent in this village.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

BS yediyurappa’s family

BS Yediyurappa’s father’s name is Siddalingappa, who belongs to Lingayat society, while his mother’s name is Maitradevi. When Yediyurappa was just four years old, his mother passed away at that time. After which, he was looked after by his father alone.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

BS Yediyurappa married a woman named Maitradevi in ​​1967, and they have two sons and three daughters from this marriage. 

Their sons are named Raghavendra and Vijayendra, while they have named their first daughter as Arunadevi. The second daughter is named Padmavati, and the third daughter is named Umadevi.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

Wife died in year 2004

In 2004, BS Yediyurappa’s wife Maitradevi became a victim of an accident due to which she died. His wife had slipped into a water tank made at home, and after which she died due to drowning.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

BS Yeddyurappa’s Education And Early Career Details BS yediyurappa, after completing his 12th standard, chose the subject of arts for his further studies and obtained a bachelor’s degree in this subject. After earning his degree, Yediyurappa also worked as a first-division clerk. B.S YediyurappaBiography in English

But after serving as a clerk in the Social Welfare Department for some time, he left his job. After which, he went to Shikaripura town in Karnataka. After going here, he started serving as a clerk in a rice factory and married Maitradevi, the daughter of the owner of the same factory.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

Political Career of BS Yediyurappa

BS Yediyurappa was associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh at the age of just 15. But Yediyurappa got the opportunity to serve the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in 1965 and was given the secretary of the Shikaripur unit of this Sangh.B.S YediyurappaBiography in English

In 1972, he was also appointed as the President of the Jana Sangh, a unit of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. After working here for a few years, Yeddyurappa was also responsible as a member of Shikaripura Town Municipality in 1975.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

In the year 1980, he was also appointed the President of the taluk unit of Shikaripura by the BJP party, and five years later, he was made the President of Shimoga district.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

Yediyurappa was elected to the Lower House of the Karnataka Legislature in the year 1983. At the same time, he has represented the Shikaripura constituency six times.

Seeing his work, the BJP party made him its party president of Karnataka state in 1988.

BJP was defeated in the 1994 assembly elections, and he was made the Leader of the Opposition in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

In 1999, Yediyurappa lost his assembly seat, due to which he was nominated by the BJP to be a member of the Legislative Council.

In the year 2004, he won the assembly elections again, and he was once again made the Leader of the Opposition in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

Yediyurappa, along with Janata Dal (Secular) leader HD Kumaraswamy, formed the Alliance Government in Karnataka. During this time, Yeddyurappa was given the responsibility of Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister. But due to some reasons, this alliance could not last long, and this government fell.

But later, the Janata Dal (Secular) and the BJP party again joined hands, and this time Yeddyurappa was made the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Thus, he took over as the Chief Minister of this state for the first time on 12 November 2007. But he had to leave his post in just seven days due to the opposition of the Janata Dal Party.

Assembly elections were held in Karnataka again in 2008; the BJP party won for the first time under his leadership. He was again given the post of CM on 30 May 2008, but due to his name coming in many scams, he had to leave his post in the year 2011.

Formed your party in the year 2012 After being removed from the post of Chief Minister from the party in 2011,B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

 Yediyurappa had decided to form his party. In the year 2012, he founded a party called ‘Karnataka Janata Paksha.’ On behalf of this party, he contested from Shikaripura seat in the 2013 elections and won from this seat. But for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he again joined hands with the BJP party.

Will make Chief Minister once again.

In the recent assembly elections held in the state of Karnataka, the BJP party has easily won. Yediyurappa is almost certain to become the CM of Karnataka once again, and he can take oath for this post on 17 May.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

Many controversies have also been associated with Yeddyurappa related to politics for a long time, and due to these controversies, he has also faced many problems.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

Arrested in corruption case

In 2011, Yeddyurappa was found guilty in two land-related corruption cases and was arrested. Although Yediyurappa got the bull, he had to spend 23 days in jail.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

In the year 2017, Yeddyurappa was accused of not accepting the food given by a Dalit family. It is said that a family belonging to a small cast had given them food. But Yediyurappa did not eat the food given by him and was ordered to bring idli for himself from outside. After this matter came to light, and untouchability case was also registered against Yeddyurappa.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

The BJP party had to defend Yeddyurappa from this allegation. The party had issued a statement saying that the food in the Dalit’s house was over, due to which Yeddyurappa had to get food from outside.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

Good work done by Yediyurappa

Known as the Leader of farmers

In the year 1987, Yediyurappa had done many works for the interests of farmers, and due to these works done by him, he is called the Leader of farmers.

Yediyurappa had helped the farmers of his state who did not have their land. Along with this, he had worked to waive the farmers’ loans, and when he was the CM, he also provided loans to the farmers at only a 3% interest rate.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

Important schemes launched for girls

Yediyurappa had started the Bhagyalakshmi scheme for the better future of the girls of his state, and with the help of this scheme, he helped the girls of low-income families of his state financially.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

Bicycles were distributed to children.

The Yediyurappa government had distributed cycles to the students of class VIII of his state to not face any problem in going to school. This freecycle was given to the children of low-income families. Apart from this, he also started Sandhya Suryaka Pension Scheme for senior citizens.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

Yediyurappa Net Worth

Yediyurappa currently has a net worth of Rs 6.45 crore, which he has earned as a politician. In the year 2013, his total assets were Rs 5.83 crore.

Due to Yediyurappa’s hard work, BJP was able to form its government for the first time in the state of Karnataka (in the year 2008), and at this time (in the year 2018), it was because of Yeddyurappa that the BJP party was able to form its government again in this state. Is going to. Given Yediyurappa’s contribution to the party, he is being given the post of Chief Minister once again from the party’s side.B.S Yediyurappa Biography in English

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