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Education is an important part of life. Shiksha is a Sanskrit word which means to learn or teach. We can receive education through any medium. Education prepares man intellectually. Similarly, online education is a simple way to get education in today’s modern era. Online education system is like a boon in modern times.

One who has not taken education due to any reason can achieve new dimensions through online education system. This is an important topic for essay writing. Let us see what is Essay on Online Education.

What is online education?

Like we traditionally go to Gurukul or class and get their knowledge by sitting in front of their teacher. But in online education system it is considered as the latest form of education, we meet our teacher through internet and meet them through laptop or cellphone and get our knowledge.

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Online education has also been accepted as a valid education medium since the year 1993. Which are called distance education in the language used. In this, the prescribed syllabus is taught through VS/DVD and internet. Education of big services like civil service, engineering and medical, law etc. is also being made available online by many institutions today.

essay on online education essay in 200 words

In the changing environment, there have been many changes in technology and its uses are also huge. Due to technology, many changes have also been seen in the method of taking education. Today, the teaching related material used in online education can be sent from one place to another through technology. Online education saves time. Also, students can take education from the comfort of their home.

Children continuously teach their teachers new ways of reading from online classes and are also interested in reading, not only this, online education also saves the cost of tuition or big coaching centers. For example, under the Smile Project by the Rajasthan government, study material, video audio, etc. are sent daily to school children through WhatsApp. With this new initiative, instead of obstructing the education system,

it has become easier. The changing study environment makes the entertainment even more thrilling. Fatigue and good daily cost savings are saved from the time of online education. In online education, you are not afraid of classes and you carefully take notes with the teacher. In online learning you can watch your videos again thus you are not afraid of making missed notes.

essay on online education essay in 400 words

Online education Our Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman started a program called PM eVIDYA to promote online education. The challenge posed by the Corona pandemic crisis in front of the education world. Online courses will be started by 100 universities under PM eVIDYA. In this, the emphasis has been laid on school education by the Central and State Government through DIKSHA PORTAL. Students of classes 1 to 12 will be provided e-content and QR code based books under “One Nation-One Platform”. There is also a plan for providing important assistance by the under-states. In “One Nation-One Platform”, emphasis will be laid on education through radio, community radio and podcasts for studies.

Manodarpan Yojana will be launched by the Government of India for psychological support, mental health and emotional support of students, teachers and parents. Along with this, children were already being given education through Swayam Prabha DTH. 12 more channels will be added in which telecast of live sessions will be done through skype, 6 hours of course material per day and 24 x7 on all days of the week with three repeat telecasts. There is a system of taking advantage.

Tata Sky and Airtel TV have also been tied up. Special ‘Digitally Accessible Information System’ (DAISY) will be introduced for specially-abled children, under which courses will be started keeping in mind the needs of differently-abled students. The government’s campaign to move the existing education system towards online was already going on, which has now been accelerated by the Corona crisis.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has started a campaign like Read India Online regarding this. In which there is preparation to teach many courses online in future also. UGC has issued a complete plan for this, under which it will be mandatory for universities to teach 25 percent of the course online.

Along with promoting online education, the government’s focus is also on preparing teachers for this. This is the reason that there is a preparation to provide online training to all teachers teaching in schools. At present, the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) and NCERT have been entrusted with the task of preparing a complete plan for this.

essay on online education essay in 500 words

Preface Students and teachers communicate using Internet tools. Online education is called internet based education system in simple language. Today you get all the information on one click. Well, online education has been present among us for a long time. For the last several years, due to the availability of medium of different platforms, it was not taken so seriously in the field of education. But due to the lockdown, its use increased rapidly, due to which students could continue their education virtually.

Online education system difficulties and possibilities
The online education system has not yet been implemented so much. It is in its initial stage. Due to the epidemic, it is like a challenge to adapt educational institutions and students accordingly. The Internet system is still limited to some students, not all students are able to take advantage of it. Internet speed is also a big problem|Educational second reason even today in many middle class families basic facility like smartphone is not available. Every educational institution has its own educational board, university, in which education is taken according to different courses.

Inequality of curriculum is the biggest challenge. Need for practical education in many subjectshappens. Technical understanding is also the biggest challenge because it is a new medium to get education. Talking about the possibilities in online education,

its use is increasing rapidly in the modern era. Nowadays the institutes preparing for the competition are using this method. in other educational institutionsIt is being used. There is immense opportunity in this education system in India in the coming times.


Online education is convenient for those who want to keep up with their studies while working or taking care of the home. He can get the facility of online education. This is a new education system which every country is adopting. Students need to concentrate their mind and attention. For those students who are unable to take online education, there is a need to arrange free online education so that no one is deprived of education. Online education is a great medium where students should get education.

advantages of online education

Benefits of Online Education: Here we try to understand the benefits of this innovative system through some points.

With the online education system, students can sit at home, take education at home or abroad and get their degree. With online education, you can understand and learn about any subject or topic so that you can increase your knowledge.

There are many students who want to go to the coaching center but due to distance they are not able to go, then they can take advantage of this and go to the home of education.Students can seek solutions from teachers every time they face any problem. Companions can study by watching or recording any video repeatedly.

Disadvantages of Online Education

With the help of the points given below, you can also know about the disadvantages of this teaching system-

If seen, education and students mostly spend eight hours online, which is harmful for mental and physical condition.

The biggest disadvantage of online is that even if the parents provide facilities like mobile, laptop, computer to the children in spite of their economic condition, but they remain unaware of whether the children are getting the right education from them.

Online education is unable to establish harmony between teachers and students. But if the education is traditional then the child can talk about the subject during his time.When a student is not able to concentrate on studies in school then how will he be able to concentrate online.

impact of online education

The Corona Pandemic has highly affected the education and educational systems across the world in the last 2 years. In an attempt to reduce the effect of Corona, educational institutions around the world were temporarily closed. Around 100 crore learners across the world have been affected due to school closures.

Now the biggest question arises that how the students should get education. For this, many big organizations found only one solution, that is online education. Whose effect can be seen everywhere.

Online education is being received in a way through computer with the facility of internet. Computer and many types of gadgets are used for online education. But for this the quality of internet should be good, we have to pay attention to this.

Types of Online Education

In the essay on online education, let us know what are the types of online education-Synchronous Educational System: It is real time learning or live telecast learning. In this educational system, communication is established between the teacher and the students at the same time and study activities are conducted. Examples are audio and video conferencing, live chat, and virtual classrooms.

Asynchronous Educational System: In this educational system, students can read or watch and listen to the given study material whenever they want. This includes recorded class videos, audio e-books, web links, practice sets, etc. Most of the people in India prefer to study through this educational method.

need for online education

In the essay on online education, know what is the need of online education-

Through online education, the student builds his/her own knowledge and competencies individually by being active. As a result, he learns on his own. In online education, students can study from any place other than home. Like from hostel, college, cyber cafe etc. With this, financially disabled students can also study useful content and contact teachers and trainers.

Through online education one can study 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, in this the student can study according to his convenience.

In online education, students can learn through web conferencing, while interacting with a subject matter expert or with a subject matter expert. Due to which their prior knowledge increases. Through online education, students can study together in a group even while sitting far away. Due to which their socialization also happens.

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