What did the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said about teror funding related to crypto

What did the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said about teror funding related to crypto ?

Recently Indian Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman warned about  involvement of crypto currency in teror funding . She talked about this a session with chief of IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) kristalina georgiva , this
meeting / session was going on because of the annual meetings of world bank and IMF . During this session Nirmala Sitharaman talked about various topics , using of crypto currency as teror funding and money laundering was one of the
topics , she raised the concerned of development of these crypto as major threats and called them as new means of teror funding .

According to her , money laundering is the major risks for every nation across the globe because it develops terrorism in the nation , this trend majorly helps in the development of teror insmall countries .Indian finance minister appealed to take measures to counter this threat .

Sitharaman appealed to make strong rules and
regulations for crypto currencies –

According to Sitharaman the trends which involvesthe use of technology must be   stable , this work should be done at first . She beleives that this type of work can only be done by those nations that are fully capable of controlling their technology in the whole board . Sitharaman is taking a meeting with the main
people of IMF , World Bank , G20 , their finance ministers and some other major people . She is on tour of America , and all these meetings are part of this tour .

Also , she has raised the 30% crypto tax case in the country recently , this crypto law is being imposed to keep an eye on the online transactions.She said that by this law Indian Govt will be able to keep an eye on crypto transactions .

Kristonia Georgia has accepted Sitharaman
proposal –

IMF top official Kristonia Georgia has accepted all the proposals made by Sitharaman on the Crypto currency , she further said that she will starts the expansion of control over cryptocurrency , according to her all of these attracts
the attention of CBDC over the cyber crimes and attacks .

IMF chief official signals that how the indian policies has gaved all the elasticity to the indian economy in spite of bad infrastructure, Georgia also praised India for helping Sri-Lanka in its financial crisis and assured that IMF will do everything to help Sri-lanka in its crisis .

According to the reports , Sitharaman will be taking meeting with buisness leaders in san- francisco on 24 april , her tour will end on 27 april ( she will be back in India on 27 april ) .

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