Salman Khan was bitten by a snake, had to be admitted to the hospital at 3 pm, know how is his health now

liyaquat Ali

Salman Khan snake bite: Superstar Salman Khan has been bitten by a snake. The incident happened on Saturday night around 3 pm. Then Salman Khan was at his Panvel farm house. Salman Khan was immediately taken to the hospital. However, he got a leave on Sunday morning. According to the information, the snake which bitten Salman was not poisonous. The actor was admitted to a hospital in Navi Mumbai’s Kamothe. He was discharged after treatment at around 9 am today and has returned to his farmhouse. After being discharged, Salman is at his farmhouse and is recovering. Let us tell you, Salman Khan’s birthday is on Monday.

Salman Khan Birthday: Will the party be affected?

Salman Khan was born on 27 December 1965. In this way the whole Bollywood is preparing to celebrate his brother’s birthday. However, after the snake bite incident, it is believed that Salman Khan cannot celebrate his birthday as before

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