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Mirabai Chanu Biography in English: Mirabai Chanu has given India the first medal in the ongoing Olympics in Tokyo. Mirabai’s 49 kg weight lifted the total weight of 202 kg and won silver. Let us tell you that India has got the weightlifting Olympic medal after a full 21 years. Before Mirabai, this medal was won by Karnam Malleswari bronze medal in Sydney Olympics 2000.

Mirabai was disqualified every time in 2016 because she could not lift the weight correctly, even once in the 2016 Rio Olympics. That is why this success of Mirabai motivates everyone.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Brief information about Mirabai Chanu

Name Mirabai Chanu

Real name Saikhom Mirabai Chanu

Born 8 August 1994

Place of Birth Manipur India

age 27 years

Father Saikhom Kriti

Mother Saikhom Ongbi Tonbi Leima

Brother Saikhom Sanatoba

Sister Saikhom Rangita, Saikhom Shaya

Profession Weightlifting

Coach Kunjarani Devi

Caste Not Known

education not known

Mirabai Chanu Biography in English


Who is Mirabai Chanu?

Mirabai Chanu is one such woman from India who has won the first medal in the sport of weightlifting in the Olympics. Mirabai Chanu tried hard to get a gold medal in this sport, but she failed. Mirabai Chanu won the silver medal by weighing only 8 kg. Mirabai Chanu has made India proud worldwide by getting a silver medal in the Olympic Games.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Mirabai Chanu has made India proud by winning a silver medal in the 49 kg category in the Olympic Games. Her family members and all the people of the country are showing respect to Mirabai Chanu, who brought a silver medal in the Olympic Games. The prime minister himself called Mirabai Chanu and talked to her.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

All the small and prominent people of the country expressed their encouragement towards Mirabai Chanu. Prime Minister Modi tweeted on his Twitter account that “not only us but all the people of the country are proud of Mirabai Chanu, Mirabai Chanu has done what no woman had done till now.”Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

 When and where was Mirabai Chanu born?

Mirabai Chanu, who received a silver medal in weightlifting in the Tokyo Olympics, belonged to a middle-class family. Mirabai Chanu was fond of weightlifting since childhood, due to which she showed her talent in front of people in the year 2021. Mirabai Chanu was born on 8 August 1994 AD. Mirabai Chanu is 27 years old at present. The birthplace of Mirabai Chanu is Manipur, a small district in India.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English


Mirabai Chanu’s family affair

Mirabai Chanu’s family relationship is quite good. Mirabai Chanu’s parents have always helped her and financially and physically strong to achieve her goal. Mirabai Chanu belongs to a middle-class family.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Mirabai Chanu’s father’s name is Saikhom Kriti, an employee in the Public Works Department. Mirabai Chanu’s mother’s name is Saikhom Ongbi Tonbi Leima, who is a shopkeeper. Apart from this, Mirabai Janu’s sister’s name is Saikhom Rangita and Saikhom Shaya; her brother’s name is Saikhom Sanatoba.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Education received by Mirabai Chanu.

No information is available about Mirabai Chanu’s education so far. Information about which school and where Mirabai Chanu has received education is also not available on the Internet. It is being said that Mirabai Chanu has graduated, but there is no explanation about how true this is.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Mirabai Chanu started weightlifting, keeping her goal in mind. Mirabai Chanu has done weightlifting under Kunjarani Devi; Mirabai Chanu’s weightlifting coach is Kunjarani Devi. Kunjarani Devi is also a resident of Imphal Manipur, who has also been an Indian player in weightlifting.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Personal life of Mirabai Chanu

If we talk about Mirabai Chanu’s personal life, Mirabai Chanu is still unmarried. Apart from this, there is no information available about whether Mirabai is Chanu’s boyfriend or not. Mirabai Chanu is currently single. He is 27 years old now, but he did not get married. Mirabai Chanu did not get married because she felt that she might get confused with her goal if she would get married.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Mirabai Chanu’s physical appearance

If we talk about Mirabai Chanu’s physical appearance, then her physical appearance is quite good. Mirabai Chanu is a woman with a slim and fit body. The height of Mirabai Chanu is around 5 feet, and her weight is about 48 kg.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Mirabai Chanu’s hair color is dark brown, and her eye color is black. Mirabai Chanu participated in the 49 kg category and won a silver medal in the Olympic weightlifting sport, a matter of pride for India.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Meera’s story from ‘Did Not Finish’ to Champion

The story of Meera from the year 2016, from Rio Olympics to Olympic Champion, is tremendous. When Mira was not lifted in 2016, ‘Did Not Finish’ was written next to Meera’s name. If a player lags in the race to win a medal and not qualify are two different things. When Meera felt the tag of “did not finish,” Meera had lost her morale entirely.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

When Meera’s event was held in Olympics in 2016, it was night in India, and very few people would have seen the sight in which Mira’s weight was lifting hands suddenly stop. Meera had lifted this weight many times before. She had been an average athlete when Meera did not lift weights. Meera’s defeat put Meera in depression, and she had to seek the help of a psychiatrist.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

This defeat was a significant defeat for Meera, and it had shocked Meera. After this defeat, such a time had come that Meera had thought of saying goodbye to weightlifting. But Meera had to prove herself, so Meera didn’t. Only this thing of Meera brought her to this enormous success today. Let us tell you that Meera has won gold in Commonwealth Games 2018 and has now won silver in Olympics.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Won Gold in World Weightlifting Championship 2017

In the year 2017, Meera won gold in the World Weightlifting Championship by lifting 194 kg. Meera was just 22 years old when she won the gold and became the first Indian athlete to do so in 22 years. Meera did not even go to her real sister’s wedding for this event and did not even eat food. Meera had tears in her eyes when this medal was named for Meera, but the 2016 defeat was still a shola in her mind.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

First Indian to win a medal in World Weightlifting Championship

Meera is the first Indian weightlifter to win an award in the World Weightlifting Championship. Meera had achieved this feat in the 49 kg weight category in 2017. In the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Meera won the silver medal in the 49 kg weight category. After this, Meera also won the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games 2018.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Strong comeback from injury in 2019

In 2018, Meera had to deal with a lot of back pain. But Meera made a comeback from the 2019 Thailand World Championships and finished fourth there. At that time, Meera had lifted the most weight for the first time, that too more than 200 kg.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Meera says that “she got full cooperation from the Indian government at that time. Meera was sent to America for treatment, and after that, Meera came back and also managed to lift the highest weight in her career.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

created world record

In the Tashkent Asian Weightlifting Championships held in April 2021, Meera lifted a weight of 119 kg, setting a world record in clean and jerk after lifting 86 kg in the snatch. At that time, she finished third with a total of 205 kg. Earlier the world record in clean and jerk was 118 kg.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

Won the first medal at the age of 11

Meera had won the first gold in weightlifting in 11 years in the local weightlifting tournament. Meera started her international weightlifting career with the World and Junior Asian Championships. Meera considers Kunjarani Devi as her idol.Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

 Awards and honors to Mirabai Chanu

The year 2014 15 Gold Medals 30 Silver Medals and 19 Kasya Medals Won

Silver Medal in the category of 48 kg in the year 2014 (Glasgow Commonwealth

The year 2016 Golden Medal (12th South Asian Games in Guwahati)

Gold Medal (World Weightlifting Championship) in the year 2017 in the category of 48 kg

The year 2018 Gold medal in the category of 48 kilograms (Commonwealth Games)

An amount of 200000 rupees by the Chief Minister of Manipur for the best performance in sports

Silver Medal in the category of 2021 50 kg (in Tokyo Olympic Games) Mirabai Chanu Biography in English

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